[center] [b] [i] Bitingui Praia Hotel [/i] [/b] The Bitingui Praia Hotel counts as one of the pioneers in the tourism sector of Alagoas and was built in 1990. The hotel extends along a 200m stretch of sandy beach. Surrounded by an empty beach, natural pools and beautiful coral reefs, the Bitingui Praia Hotel is far from the commercial tourism of Brazil. Therefore, it is no surprise that the insiders still describe this region and the beaches of Japaratinga and Bitingui as one of Brazil's best kept secret. The hotel has 4 swimming pools, 8 chalets, 42 apartments and more. In addition, the administration of an international family makes it possible to communicate in Portuguese, German, French and English. Bitingui Beach Hotel, come and see what nature has to offer the best! [/center]